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    Wednesday, October 4th, 2000
    9:55 am
    Today I am feeling a little pissed off at the world.
    I had to return a pair of dress slacks to my ex boyfriend. I did not tell him I was coming, just left them on his porch and left. I am real tired of arguments, felt that was the best way to handle it. Still think I did the right thing,though would it of been better to just throw them out?
    Do not feel like working out tonight, but I am going to. That is something that I really enjoy, and will not let this mood of mine ruin it.
    I will come back to writing when I have something interesting to say!!!!!
    Tuesday, October 3rd, 2000
    7:01 pm
    Okay going now!

    Current Mood: hungry
    6:50 pm
    This is my first time doing this, and my sister is insisting that I write something NOW!!!

    We are getting ready to go eat some Mexican food! We have only had food poisoning from this place once! But, its our favorite!

    I will begin this wonderful journey tommorow in writing in my journal.

    See Ya!